'During the Covid-19 crisis I finally found the time to write down the story of my life. It has been a turbulent one, full of extremes, and I hope it will inspire people to stay optimistic in these difficult times,’ says Nakadia. 

‘The book vividly describes Nakadia’s ups and downs, her triumphs and her disasters,’ explains Sebastian Lehmann, Nakadia’s manager and co-author. ‘It captures the moment she discovered techno and knew she was born to be a techno DJ, the hours spent relentlessly practicing and crafting her sound, and the constant barrage of musical, political, social and sexual prejudice that made it seem, at times, like her career was over. But Nakadia never gave up, following her dream without taking any shortcuts. Positive Energy is a truly inspiring and highly personal biography, a tale about embracing opportunities without fear, and a belief in the power of Positive Energy.’ 


Since its release in March 2021, thousands of people have read "Positive energy - becoming Nakadia" and the feedback was absolutely overwhelming.

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